Air Leakage Test

Air Leakage Test for Shell completed: 0.99 air changes per hour (Bldg Regs is 10!) Will be even lower once int/ext finishes done.


Fantastic reflection of trees in sliding doors. #sustainablehome

Free Range

For regular followers this photo needs no explanation, other than to say they were delicious! #freerange #saddleback

Tesla Powerwall

Excited that as part of building new Luxury Eco-Home we will be installing a Powerwall from @TeslaMotors #solarpower


Saddlebacks enjoying a break in the rain and some rare sunshine on site. #luxuryecohome #saddlebacks 

Local Stone

Gabions being constructed for retaining wall using recycled concrete/masonry and faced with stone from local quarry.

Concert Pour

Concrete pour for First Floor #ICF walls of new Luxury Eco Home in the beautiful Surrey Hills.


Original site signs re-used to create Marketing Boards for new Luxury Eco Home.

Beautiful Day

Beautiful day for a concrete pour! #insulatingconcreteformwork #EcoHome @CEMEX_UK


Our #saddlebacks are enjoying the spring sunshine and have done great job clearing the land. #sustainablerotovators

First Floor Walls

First floor #ICF walls of new Luxury EcoHome ready for concrete pour. #EcoHome #sustainableconstruction


Old company signs for site going to be re-covered to create marketing boards for new Luxury EcoHome #reuse #recycle


Thanks @S1Euk for the new @KrytonIntl mugs for our site office!

Concrete Pour

Great weather today for concrete pour of in-situ floor of new Luxury Eco Home.

Boom Pump

Concrete pour for ICF walls of new Luxury Eco Home. 5 mins before this photo it was snowing!

ICF Walls

Insulating Concrete Formwork walls for New Luxury Eco Home progressing well.

ICF Walls

Construction starting on Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new Luxury Eco Home.


Foundations of our Luxury Eco Home development ready for concrete pour.

New Arrivals

New arrivals on our site to help clear the land before it’s seeded and returned to natural pastureland. #saddlebacks


Excavation started for foundations of new Luxury Sustainable Home.

Concrete Crusher

Existing concrete base crushed on site to be re-used during construction of new Sustainable Home.

Tree Protection Zone

Tree Protection Zones set-up. Retaining and restoring natural landscaping at heart of plan for new sustainable home.

New Development Site

LEATHWAITE’s latest development site is Oakridge Nursery. This video shows the site before construction starts on a new 5 bedroom Sustainable Luxury Home.


New camera drone arrived! Watch out for some aerial video of our sites over next few weeks. #drones

Kryton Seminar

Great setting for this morning’s seminar where we are presenting! @S1Euk @KrytonIntl