Hunters Hill – A new luxury in low energy living

Hunters Hill showcases the very best of low energy building technology and will benefit from an exceptional EPC A-rating for energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. The animation below explains the ‘Fabric First’ approach to construction and the innovative renewable technology which enables the house to achieve this high standard.

Concrete Pour ICF Walls

Concrete pour for Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new Low Energy Homes at our Stockhouse Farm development.

Geothermal Borehole

Geothermal Borehole Drilling

Geothermal Borehole being drilled on site to support new luxury low energy home.

Hunters Hill

Foundations ready to be poured

Foundations ready to be poured for new Luxury Low Energy Home. What an amazing view this new home will have!

Land Graded

With land graded beginning to see how building sits beautifully in surroundings. Once external finishes on it will look even more amazing!

Concert Pour

Concrete pour for First Floor #ICF walls of new Luxury Eco Home in the beautiful Surrey Hills.


Our #saddlebacks are enjoying the spring sunshine and have done great job clearing the land. #sustainablerotovators

Concrete Pour

Great weather today for concrete pour of in-situ floor of new Luxury Eco Home.


Excavation started for foundations of new Luxury Sustainable Home.

Concrete Crusher

Existing concrete base crushed on site to be re-used during construction of new Sustainable Home.

New Development Site

LEATHWAITE’s latest development site is Oakridge Nursery. This video shows the site before construction starts on a new 5 bedroom Sustainable Luxury Home.

ICF Build – Time Lapse Movie

Digital Time Lapse Movie recording the ICF construction of the shell for a unique Sustainable Home which we recently completed.

Curved House Time Lapse

Digital Time Lapse Movie recording construction of shell for a unique Sustainable Home using Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) by LEATHWAITE.