Design and Build

The first step to building a successful and sustainable home should be deciding your goals for the project. That may be deciding to achieve a specific performance standard, such as Passivhaus, a Level of the Code for Sustainable Homes or you may have your own targets for the building performance. The architectural style of building, position, orientation, scale, layout, number of rooms, interior and exterior finishes all follow on from and may be impacted by this decision.

Design and Planning

To Design a successful project we bring together the expertise of a team including: Planning Consultants, Architects, Structural Engineers, Ecologist, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with Renewable Energy expertise, Hydrologists, Lighting Engineers and Energy Performance Assessor who all provide critical input from the very inception of the project.

In support of these Design considerations, as the team at LEATHWAITE ® have over 15 years experience of constructing with sustainable methods, we can ensure that considerations for the real world practicalities of building the project can be included from the Design stage.

If you are interested in a Design and Build package from LEATHWAITE ®, need assistance with certain elements of the project or would just like to talk through your project with someone then please contact us.