Hunters Hill

Bespoke 3D Art Installation

The central atrium to the house features a bespoke 3D Architectural Art installation, incorporating the atrium wall and staircase itself. The piece has been commissioned with Lisa Traxler, renown visual artist and Lincoln Miles, RIBA award winning Architect and was created by the amazing people at Shape Studio.

The concept was been inspired by a nearby site of a former Roman Temple. The site was first excavated in 1848 and the outer and inner walls of the temple are still today marked out clearly in stone. The artwork is inspired by the new treasure, that is Hunters Hill, and reflects the new house structure in a way reminiscent of the ancient Roman structure and heritage maps.

A 3D sculpture created using Richlite, a solid paper composite material, forms the atrium wall, staircase and balustrade. The whole installation is a representation of a traditional map featuring the shapes and outlines of the new Hunters Hill structure, including the impressive spiral entrance.