Hunters Hill

‘A’ Rated – Low Energy Construction

Hunters Hill showcases the very best of low energy building technology and benefits from an exceptional EPC A-rating for energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, highlighting LEATHWAITE’s commitment to providing outstanding sustainable homes.

The property’s sustainability credentials begin with the building fabric. An insulated concrete foundation and exterior walls are coupled with Passivhaus windows and sliding doors, resulting in a high-quality, energy-efficient structure with thermal bridges eliminated and low levels of air leakage.

‘A’ Rated – Renewable Energy Solutions

The calculated CO2 emissions for the home are 72% less than the target emission rate1 for new dwellings. Two 70-metre geo-thermal boreholes, connected to two Ground Source Heat Pumps, provide the heating and hot water requirements for the home. A mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system (MVHR) allows the house to breath and provides clean filtered air to the home and comfort cooling during summer months. 8kW of solar photovoltaic panels (PV) are installed to generate electricity, together with a Tesla Energy Powerwall battery to capture any excess power. 

Watch the video below for more details of the construction method and renewable technologies employed.

Be-Hive Intelligent Ventilation

Working alongside the solar panels and MVHR is an integration system called BeHive Ground, this firstly chooses the best way air should naturally enter the home, from under the PV Panels in winter or the cooler shaded north in summer, with the air leaving from the opposite side to where it entered. Typically only 20% of the energy produced by PV is electricity, over 60% of the energy they create is heat in the form of warm air beneath the panels, this heat is usually wasted.

With Be-Hive installed the warm air is distributed throughout home by the MVHR system, this helps heat the home and reduce the overall heating demand. Be-Hive also has the effect of cooling the PV panels down which prolongs their life and helps them generate 10-15% more electricity. Overall 70-80% of the total energy generated by the PV is used compared to only 10% in most standard PV installations. The ground source heat pumps are also used to heat a swimming pool in the summer months. When used in conjunction with the Be-Hive and ventilation system, as the pool is heated it helps the background cooling for the house.