Loxone Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Loxone to provide intelligent and smart home technology for all our new homes. See below Press Release announcing the partnership:

Press Release

Loxone and LEATHWAITE ® partner to create sustainable smart homes

Reading, 25th July 2017

Leading smart home provider, Loxone, has announced a partnership with LEATHWAITE ® to offer sustainable homes with Loxone Smart Home technology in the UK.

LEATHWAITE ® is an award winning property development and sustainable construction company that specialises in the development of low energy, contemporary homes. Their latest project is ‘Skyridge’, an innovative and unique five bedroom detached home set in a stunning rural location in the Surrey Hills. The home blends standout architectural features with integrated smart technology to offer the very best in sustainable, luxury living.

Speaking about the project, Omid Nikroo, Key Accounts Director at Loxone commented:

“The high specification of Skyridge meant that there were several core utility components that needed some form of control. Without an integrated automation system, this would have been a usability nightmare for the homeowners, having to control many devices regularly throughout each day just to keep the house warm, bright and comfortable. Loxone has provided the intelligence to efficiently manage these components and systems through complete automation. This means that the home looks after itself with minimal user interaction. Boasting automation of lighting, access, security, heating, ventilation, music and AV, Skyridge showcases the benefits of a single holistic solution – not only in terms of convenience for the homeowner, but for sustainability too.”

Simon Rogers, Finance and Marketing Director at LEATHWAITE ® added:

“We are excited to partner with Loxone as our Smart Home system of choice for our new homes. As a developer we build homes to the highest standard of energy efficiency and are committed to achieving A Rating for all our new homes. Loxone provides the level of control and automation needed for the core heating, ventilation and renewable technologies employed in our homes. Our homes are very contemporary in design and the modern architecture reflects the high performance of the building. By implementing Loxone for other systems in addition to energy management, including lighting, security, access and AV means the homes have the latest in control and automation technology which helps further position our new homes as market leading. We really like the flexibility of Loxone and the ability to integrate with other systems and it also eliminates the duplication of control systems. Our clients love it too and show everyone what they can do on the App!”


About Loxone

Loxone are the inventors of the Miniserver powered, centrally managed smart home. With over 50,000 completely integrated smart homes, Loxone has captured the attention of the market in just eight years. Through the independent control of all aspects in a home including lighting, heating and security, the Miniserver acts like an autopilot, running the home automatically at the most efficient level possible.

With more than 250 employees across 12 offices, Loxone is one of the fastest growing companies in the smart home industry.


LEATHWAITE ® are an award winning property development and sustainable construction company, that specialises in the development of low energy contemporary homes. We are committed to developing and building new homes that are thoughtfully designed for the modern lifestyle whilst minimising their environmental impact.

We adopt a fabric first approach to sustainable construction, employing passive principles supported by the latest technology to achieve A Rating for Energy Efficiency of all our new homes.

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