Sustainable Construction Services

LEATHWAITE ® provide Sustainable Construction services tailored to your project. Whether you would like some straight forward advice when a project is still just a great idea, a full Design and Build package, Sustainable Construction expertise such as an ICF Builder, or a Main Contractor, then LEATHWAITE ® can help.

Design and Planning

Design and Build
The first step to building a successful and sustainable home should be deciding your goals for the project.
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eco_houseSustainable Construction
LEATHWAITE ® provide tailored construction services to suit the requirements of your project.
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icfInsulated Concrete Formwork (ICF)
Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) is a sustainable, high performance building system which allows fast construction of buildings with low running costs and a long life. LEATHWAITE ® are leading ICF Builders.
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Dunedin MewsSustainable Residential Development
LEATHWAITE ® also develop our own projects and are committed to building new homes that are thoughtfully designed for the modern lifestyle whilst minimising the environmental impact of construction and the long term sustainability of our new homes.
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