Tesla Home Battery

Our Tesla Powerwall Home Battery has been delivered to site ready for installation. It will be one of the very earliest units installed in the UK. In conjunction with Solar Edge Inverters the Tesla Powerwall will maximise the usage of energy generated by the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels installed on the roof of the home. Solar PV installations generate electricity during the day when energy demand is at it’s lowest in the home so any excess electricity is exported to the national power network (‘the grid’). In order to encourage the adoption of the technology the government provided subsidies to home owners for a proportion of electricity generated by solar PV panels. This subsidy has been drastically reduced by the government so focus, we believe rightly, has turned to maximising the use of the electricity generated within the home. The installation at Skyridge will mean that during the day electricity is generated and any excess energy above the demand of the home can be used to heat hot water for use in showers and baths and then to store energy in the Tesla Powerwall which can store over 6kW of electricity for use later in the day as demand is required. In this configuration the home will still be connected to the Grid and can export any energy not used or stored and will receive the latest reduced subsidies from the government whilst maximising the use of energy generated. When combined with all the other features of the home and the fabric first approach to construction the Solar PV solution will contribute to low running costs and CO2 consumption for the new home.