We are delighted to be Regional Finalists for our recent development, Skyridge, at the LABC Building Excellence Awards.

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We are very proud to have received a Guildford Design Award last night for Skyridge, with Commendation for its Environmental Sustainability.

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Our latest development is Skyridge, an innovative and unique 5 bedroom detached sustainable home set in a stunning rural location in the Surrey Hills.

View more details of the project here.

We are delighted that Adrian James Architects won 2 RIBA South Awards for Incurvo. The project won both a RIBA South 2017 Award and RIBA South 2017 Sustainability Award. LEATHWAITE constructed the Insulating Concrete Formwork shell for this incredible house, including groundworks, foundations, ICF walls, concrete floors, stairs and roof.

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Beautiful day for seeding the meadow of new luxury eco-home with grass and wildflower mix.

New hedgerow being planted to in-fill existing boundary.

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Beautiful oak staircase, handmade locally, being installed into made with Oak from FSC  approved source.

Floor finishes looking sharp.

Interior looking fantastic as painting is finished on luxury eco home.

Pleased to become Affiliate Member of Surrey Hills Society to support all they do to protect and enhance the Surrey Hills.

We have begun to apply the external finishes to our luxury eco-home.

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Great to be at today. Hope to be here as a finalist next year with Skyridge!

With land graded beginning to see how building sits beautifully in surroundings. Once external finishes on it will look even more amazing!

Insulation and underfloor heating all in place ready for to install liquid screed for luxury eco home.

AquaCells delivered to site ready to start construction of Sustainable Drainage System.

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Our Tesla Powerwall Home Battery has been delivered to site ready for installation. It will be one of the very earliest units installed and the UK.

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Air Leakage Test for Shell completed: 0.99 air changes per hour (Bldg Regs is 10!) Will be even lower once int/ext finishes done.

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Fantastic reflection of trees in sliding doors. #sustainablehome

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For regular followers this photo needs no explanation, other than to say they were delicious!

Solar (PV) Panels installed on roof of new Sustainable Luxury Home.

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Excited that as part of building new Luxury Eco-Home we will be installing a Powerwall from

Saddlebacks enjoying a break in the rain and some rare sunshine on site.  #saddlebacks 

Gabions being constructed for retaining wall using recycled concrete/masonry and faced with stone from local quarry.

Concrete pour for First Floor walls of new Luxury Eco Home in the beautiful Surrey Hills.

Original site signs re-used to create Marketing Boards for new Luxury Eco Home.

Beautiful day for a concrete pour!

Our are enjoying the spring sunshine and have done great job clearing the land.

First floor walls of new Luxury EcoHome ready for concrete pour.

Old company signs for site going to be re-covered to create marketing boards for new Luxury EcoHome

Thanks for the new mugs for our site office!

Great weather today for concrete pour of in-situ floor of new Luxury Eco Home.

Lower Floor ICF walls of new Luxury Eco-Home completed.

New Luxury Eco Home starting to take shape.

Concrete pour for ICF walls of new Luxury Eco Home. 5 mins before this photo it was snowing!

Insulating Concrete Formwork walls for New Luxury Eco Home progressing well.

Digital Time-lapse photography of construction for new Luxury Eco Home by LEATHWAITE. From demolition to foundations in 60 seconds!

Construction starting on Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new Luxury Eco Home.

Foundations of our Luxury Eco Home development ready for concrete pour.

New arrivals on our site to help clear the land before it’s seeded and returned to natural pastureland.

Excavation started for foundations of new Luxury Sustainable Home.

Existing concrete base crushed on site to be re-used during construction of new Sustainable Home.

Tree Protection Zones set-up. Retaining and restoring natural landscaping at heart of plan for new sustainable home.


LEATHWAITE’s latest development site is Oakridge Nursery. This video shows the site before construction starts on a new 5 bedroom Sustainable Luxury Home.

New camera drone arrived! Watch out for some aerial video of our sites over next few weeks.

Great setting for this morning’s seminar where we are presenting!

Watch Digital Time Lapse Movie recorded during the ICF construction of the shell for a Sustainable Home which LEATHWAITE completed in Surrey.

In-situ concrete roof ready for concrete pour of new Insulating Concrete Formwork sustainable home.

Ground floor Insulating Concrete Formwork walls nearly ready for concrete pour on new sustainable home.

Concrete pour for Ground Floor Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new Sustainable Home.

Drainage and service ducts in place for sub-base Insulating Concrete Formwork of new sustainable home.

Regular followers will know we love a curved Insulating Concrete Formwork wall. Here’s a curved retaining wall ready for concrete pour.

Sub-Base walls completed for new Insulating Concrete Formwork Sustainable Home. Ready for insulated floor.

Foundations completed on new Sustainable Home which we are building the Insulating Concrete Formwork shell of for a client.

Excited to have started construction of shell of this amazing new Sustainable Home for a client.


How about this for a view. It will be even nicer without the scaffold in the way! View from new Insulating Concrete Formwork Shell we are building for a client.

Preparing for concrete pour of first floor Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new home in Surrey, which we are building the ICF shell of for a client.

Preparing for concrete pour of first floor Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new home in Surrey.

Preparing to pour Insulating Concrete Formwork walls for new home in Surrey.

Visit back to new Sustainable Home we built Insulating Concrete Formwork shell for this week. External finishes going on and looking great.

Curved in-situ concrete stairs we built as part of shell for a Sustainable Home. What an amazing atrium space.

Digital Time Lapse Movie recording the ICF construction of the shell for a unique Sustainable Home which we recently completed.

Digital Time Lapse Movie recording construction of shell for a unique Sustainable Home using Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) by LEATHWAITE.

Concrete pour for basement Insulating Concrete Formwork walls of new house in Surrey.

Basement raft foundation completed for new Insulating Concrete Formwork house in Surrey.

Insulating Concrete Formwork shell completed. Amazing structure with some incredible shapes and spaces.

LEATHWAITE ® appear in Passive House Plus Magazine.

LEATHWAITE ® has achieved accreditation within the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) demonstrating our compliance with and sound management of current health and safety legislation.

This is an interesting article from an issue of Krystol magazine by Kryton International about selecting waterproofing systems for Insulating Concrete Formwork. [Read more]

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LEATHWAITE ® has been been checked by Safety Management Advisory Services Limited and has been awarded a Worksafe Contractor Membership Certificate as a Contractor. Achieving this certification reflects the company’s commitment to Health and Safety.

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The Dunedin Mews development by LEATHWAITE ® features in the latest issue of Krystol, a magazine for the concrete waterproofing industry. The article focuses on the Kryton Internal Membrane waterproofing solution that was used on the award winning development in conjunction with the Insulating Concrete Formwork build method. Download and a pdf version of the magazine here.

You can now follow LEATHWAITE ® News on Twitter with the @leathwaite username. We will be regularly updating from sites with progress on ICF construction projects along with other news of the company…

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Dunedin Mews is an Award Winning Development, but what’s it actually like to live there? Here’s what a past resident had to say..

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We are delighted to announce that at the London Evening Standard New Homes Awards LEATHWAITE received the ‘Best Small Development’ Award for the Dunedin Mews development. The development was described by the judges as ‘punching above it’s weight’ and praised for it’s sustainability, ‘bold contemporary architecture’ and ‘innovative construction methods’.

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The Dunedin Mews development has been independently assessed by Stroma and certified as achieving Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. For further details of the sustainability of the development click here.

Builder and Journalist Roger Bisby spent a day working on the Dunedin Mews project to learn more about the construction method employed (Insulated Concrete Formwork). For his article in the February edition of Professional Builder Magazine he shares his experiences.

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Dunedin Mews site achieves Secured by Design Accreditation

LEATHWAITE ® have achieved accreditation from the Metropolitan Police for the Dunedin Mews site against the Secured by Design Initiative. Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention at the design, layout and construction stages of homes and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

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Dunedin Mews site achieves compliance with Considerate Constructors Scheme
LEATHWAITE™ supports the Considerate Constructors Scheme which operates voluntary Site and Company Codes of Considerate Practice for Construction companies.
The Dunedin Mews site has achieved compliance with the scheme. We recognise that building work has an impact on the environment and neighbours and is committed to reduce the impact of our activities and be considerate to our neighbours. As encouraged by the Considerate Constructors Scheme this is an ongoing process and we look for ways to improve our activities at all times. The Dunedin Mews site has achieved compliance with the scheme which requires being considerate and good neighbours, as well as clean, respectful, safe, environmentally conscious, responsible and accountable.